Imagine what your shareholder value would be when …

- ​Your profitable revenue growth rate improves

- Your gross margin percentage grows

- Your predictable profitable revenues increase

- Your average salesperson performance rises

Improvements like these are rarely out of reach.

 A.    Your business is at risk. Your proposition, demand generation strategy, sales management process and cost of sales all require urgent review.
B.    Your business is at partial risk. Your proposition and demand generation strategy needs urgent review. Your sales management process and cost of sales can wait – but not for long.
C.    Your business is performing well, but evolving your proposition and demand generation strategy can help you perform even better.
D.    Your business is out-performing the market, evolving your proposition will ensure you stay ahead.

The health of your business is never static; our specialist consultants can help you move it in the right direction.

Let’s take a close look at the facts …

There are some early absolute indicators that things aren’t right with your propositions and partner programmes

- Falling profitable revenue growth rates

- Falling gross margin percentages

- Falling like-for-like EBITDA

- Falling market share

- Falling channel sales

- Falling net new direct customer acquisitions

- Falling net new channel partner acquisitions

- Falling average performance per salesperson

- Falling Net Promoter Score

- Fewer direct and indirect salespeople hitting their targets    

Let’s take a close look at the tell-tale indicators …
Early tell-tale indicators that things may not be right include

- Occasions where the functional aspects of your product or service no longer match your customers’ changing needs

- Increasing number of your indirect salespeople selling a competitor’s offer

- Your like-for-like channel remuneration payments and rebates increase

- An increasing number of your channel partners are in financial difficulty

- More special bid requests

- Fewer references in traditional and social media

- Fewer awards, fewer positive reviews 

If you recognise any of these indicators, Boost may be what your business needs to improve customer, partner and shareholder value. Contact us.