Who we’ve done it for

In order to maintain standards, we must strictly limit the number of projects we accept each year. Here are some of those we have delivered.

Cloud Flex

We are helping our customer build and create demand for the most compelling Microsoft Office 365 solution in the world.    

View the work in progress:   www.bytes.co.uk/office-365

Twenty 20

Our customer wanted to enter and disrupt the document workflow market. Working with them, we developed repeatable solutions that addressed six areas - including the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable markets. 

Profiled by the IDC, they wrote, “In addition to providing high margins, the solutions are ‘sticky’, since they are intrinsic to critical business processes.”     


Bytes wanted to re-imagine their printer reseller proposition. We created an end-to-end, multi-award-winning proposition - boosting their win ratio from 45% to 75% and increasing their customer wins by over 700% in two years. The IDC wrote, “IDC applauds BDS. The organisation has achieved success by ‘industrialising’ a repeatable service.”     


Our customer delivers large scale IT where much of the hardware is leased. Post-financial crisis the business was shrinking. A new proposition was urgently needed, so we created a risk-free purchasing option - an insurance-style product. In the first twelve months premiums equivalent to 25% of profits were sold and sales increased by 15%. And as not one client who took insurance called on it, those premiums went straight on the bottom line.    


Our customer was wanting to capitalise on the UK Government’s Home Computer Initiative, and asked us to develop a turnkey solution. In the first two years this delivered £7.5m of profitable sales revenue.